<strongDigital transformation partner

Orisun provides support and development for its customers' IoT projects.

Implementing the Internet of Things is a major step in the digital transformation of organizations. However, with rapidly changing technologies, it is not easy to make the right choices and allow for later pivots. The expertise and support offered by Orisun allow for the smooth and structured implementation of these cutting-edge technologies.
The result: tailored applications that make your Internet of Things projects successful over the long term.
  • Innovation design
  • Technical design
  • Complete solution deployment engineering
  • Change management support
  • Support and maintenance


for IoT opportunities
in your business

  • Express your IoT Vision
  • List internal / external opportunities
  • Identify resistances to change
  • Implement an incremental approach

and application development

  • Project management and engineering
  • Distribution and maintenance design
  • Security & GDPR validation
  • Hardware requirement design
  • Software development

of services and applications

  • Orisun IoT in Paas (Platform as a service)
  • Hosting & Application management
  • Support and maintenance
  • Scalability of the software infrastructure


To initiate an IoT project in just a few days

         This pack includes:

  • the search for the connected sensors and connectivity solutions best suited to your needs
  • Access to the platform and data storage for 1 year* (Online private server + 100GB hosting + unlimited business domain descriptors)
  • Design and configuration of 5 dashboards / alerts
  • Initial setup & provisionning of the solution
  • 1 day design workshop with an Orisun expert
  • A one-day training session for administrators to get up to speed quickly
  • 99.9% SLA engagement
  • Un forfait maintenance et support premium.

                This pack includes:

  • 2 days design and ideation workshop (goals, business domain, user journey)
  • 1 development kickoff workshop: specification, phasing and deliverables validation
  • 1 day for rapid take over training for the administrators
  • Research and qualification of sensors best suited to the use case (possibility to design a new product).
  • detailles specification drafting
  • Detailled quotation for the development of an application in 3 phases: proof of concept, minimum viable product, industrialisation.
  • -15% discount on developments and expertise.
  • Access to the platform and data storage for 1 year (Online private server + hosting + unlimited business domain description)
  • Design and configuration of 5 dashboards / alerts
  • Initial setup & provisionning of the solution
  • 99.9% SLA engagement
  • Maintenance and support (platform and application Premium).


Perfect to design your new IoT solution, putting your data to work for your customers


Building a service guarantee offer imay be complex. The price will depend on your requirements. As an indication, have 3 standard levels of services that we propose according to the specifications:
This offer includes:
  • 24-hour text support accessible from the application or by email
  • Response during office hours with a commitment to respond within 24 hours.

This offer includes:

  • All of the basic maintenance offer
  • Automated monitoring system for the web server and the database server
  • Automatic restart in case of unexpected shutdown of one of the subsystems and SMS alerts to system administrators during office hours when automatic systems fail to restart.

This offer includes:

  • All of the PREMIUM maintenance offer
  • 24x7x365 system supervision with support engagement within the hour.

NB: the commitment to respond does not imply the resolution of the problem, but the taking into account of the problem and the beginning of the search for solutions as soon as possible.